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For several years now I have had the urge to travel which has been a dream of mine before marriage and children. My husband was never keen on the idea until one afternoon in 2016 he said, "let's do this!" The next day I began to sell, donate and give away items from my home. He was a bit shocked when he got home from work. I immediately called a realtor and our home sold within 24 hours for more than we were asking. I had sold, donated and given away EVERYTHING so that the day we moved we didn't even need a truck. We were able to drive away with everything we had left in both our vehicles. We moved to a smaller place directly across from the beach to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets for the following year before taking off to travel full time!

Estapona, Spain 🌺

Estapona is home to us! We fell in love with this Pueblo on the Mediterranean when we visited last year. It is not as much as much a tourist destination as some other pueblos and cities in Andalusia Spain. This is a place for Spanish locals of every age. We love hearing all the children playing on the school grounds and in the squares. It’s a great community where people are out and about enjoying the shops, cafes and many restaurants in this town. 

We love the unique local shops they have available and the restaurants are amazing. They have the traditional Spanish foods but they also have other types of cuisine. Our favorite restaurant there is The GRILLHOUSE Restaurant where they have a hamburger that is so good that we go there for lunch twice or three times a week. The waiters are always friendly and provide great service. Here is their link on google maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GbYhnDy97i5AnNZD9?g_st=ic

This little town is known for their flowers which they have blooming all year in solid painted pots. Some streets in the old historical district are lined on the walls with the same colors. There will be all green, or all blue, all red, all yellow, all purple and then some streets are mixed colors. The plants, shrubs and trees are taken very good care of on a weekly basis. There is also an Orchid House here with some beautiful orchids displayed within some great tropical plants. We are gardeners and had our own orchids and beautiful flowers in our backyard so we really appreciate that they are displayed everywhere.

Another delight of this area is that it is one of the prettiest beaches here on the Mediterranean. There is a wonderful boardwalk from one end of the city to the other with restaurants and cafes available. I can only imagine the amount of people that are on that beach in the summertime. The main road throughout the beach were closed off for walkers with great landscaping. It’s absolutely beautiful!

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