Our story!

For several years now I have had the urge to travel which has been a dream of mine before marriage and children. My husband was never keen on the idea until one afternoon in 2016 he said, "let's do this!" The next day I began to sell, donate and give away items from my home. He was a bit shocked when he got home from work. I immediately called a realtor and our home sold within 24 hours for more than we were asking. I had sold, donated and given away EVERYTHING so that the day we moved we didn't even need a truck. We were able to drive away with everything we had left in both our vehicles. We moved to a smaller place directly across from the beach to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets for the following year before taking off to travel full time!

Chasing A Sunrise!

One of the many things that I have enjoyed most about our life change is chasing a sunrise or sunset on any given day. Never did I dream we would be enjoying a year of them here living on the beach. It is one of those amazing things to enjoy and it's absolutely free. 

Over the years I have enjoyed many sunrises on the beach when taking my morning walks. Unfortunately, sunsets have been few and far between because of family obligations and many other things. When we moved here we went out each afternoon because it just felt magical to be sitting on the beach until sunset. 

The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.   Gene Amole

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